Consular Services



Please search in the Menu on the left for the procedure and service you require according to your location. There you will find all the information you may need regarding the issuance of visas; document apostille and/or legalization; applying for minors’ identity card and nationalization, as well as support relating to judicial cooperation, among other subjects.

Remember to follow the instructions provided for each procedure and service. Our purpose is to render the best service to Colombian citizens living abroad and to the foreigners wishing to travel to Colombia.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations, through the Consulate Offices accredited abroad, is the sole official entity authorized to issue passports to Colombians needing to enter the country or renew the document. Four (4) types of machine-readable zone passports are issued abroad: ordinary, executive, emergency, border and exempt.

Please refer to the menu on the left for the requirements for each one of them, the procedure for issuance and related fees

Prior to applying for your Passport, check if you comply with the requirements for issuance.

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